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The gent crew are a bunch of guys from ghent, joining the pirate party. Currently very fresh, and planning to be very active.


We currently meet in hackerspace whitespace, every tuesday evening, weekly. Note: the hackerspace itself is not involved in the pirate party, but they are kind enough to allow us to hang out there :-) for which thanks.


The address is:

MBC, Room 1.21
Blekerijstraat 75,
9000 Gent


We meet at 20:00. The hackerspace is in an old factory building converted into offices/atelier/storage rooms for rent. Go up the blue stairs when you get in, and to the end of the corridor, room 1.21.

Getting in:

The place has a large white entrance gate, if closed (closes at 20:05 automatically), call 0493 60 41 43, let it ring once, and the gate will open. (only on Tuesdays). So bring your phone, and put that number in there!


  • Bring your laptop if you can, there is free internet, and you will be able to share in the note-taking.
  • Yes, you are welcome if you want to come over!

Meeting notes