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== Meeting notes ==
== Meeting notes ==
{{Meetings|Crew Gent|workgroup = Crew Gent|lang=nl|limit=150}}
{{Meetings|Crew Gent|lang=nl|limit=150}}
== Current Projects ==
== Current Projects ==

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Crew Gent Toicon-icon-avocado-fold.svg
City 9000 Gent
Province Oost-Vlaanderen
Region Vlaanderen
Members ?
Status Active
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The crew that's currently running Pirate Party Ghent is currently unnamed. It's a bunch of local guys coming together and see what they can do. It's still in an early stage but we hope new crews will pop-up over time.


What you are looking at is the wiki where we used to put our meetingnotes etc. We've moved on since then, the new crew Ghent home can be found on the pirateparty.be website, on: http://pirateparty.be/node/163. You can also see our Facebook Page


You can find the program of the Belgian pirates for the elections of 20114 here: [1]

Mailing list

We have a mailing list for the ghent crew. You can subscribe or unsubscribe at http://pirateparty.be/?page_id=65 . Be sure to subscribe to the one that says "Inschrijven op de mailing list van de Gentse Piraten" :-). This is a very good idea if you want to show up at a meeting.



Different places

The monthly Pirate Beer is every second Thursday of the month, in café Cover on the Vrijdagsmarkt

= informal drinks, sharing ideas, introducing new people

The Pirate Meetups are announced through Facebook. Time and place vary. See: [2]

= core, organizing events and actions

on Google Maps


Every second Thursday of the month for sure, at 20h. See the calendar for more precise info.

Getting in

  • We are usually in a room somewhere upstairs, ask the bartender.


  • Bring your laptop if you can, there is free internet (most of the time), and you will be able to share in the note-taking.
  • Yes, you are welcome if you want to come over!

Meeting notes


Current Projects

Past Projects

  • We did some awesome projection of the Pirate Logo on the Light Festival of Ghent 2012. Pictures


  • Inventory of goodies for the Ghent Crew


  • Taalgebruik: Engels? -> neen, Nederlands of Engels, maakt niet uit. Engels = iets meer toegankelijker voor iedereen in Belgie, Nederlands = meest gebruikte taal in Gent. Expect a mix of Dutch and English on this site, dutch will be used more often during the meetings IRL.
  • Edit / add something on the wiki? Use the 'edit'-tab or for certain sections the 'edit'-hyperlink to edit a page. Don't forget that when you save, you'll have to solve a simple sum that appears above the textbox, after which you need to click 'Save page' again before your changes get saved.
  • IT related stuff? If you need to contact the IT workgroup, you can do so at itwerkgroep @t pirateparty d0t be.

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