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Workgroup Crew Brussels
Date Wed 16 May 2012
Time ?
Attendees Maël, Clotilde, Line, Jurgen, Nino, Nofel, Marouan, Claire, Nees, Xavier, Frédéric
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  1. Vote & validation Captain and Navigator for the Brussels crew ;
  2. Debriefing/Report about press conferences/coverage ;
  3. Elections : Progress, organisation and lists ;
  4. Agenda/planification of activities & tasks for the upcoming weeks/months ;
  5. Various (if someone would like to add a topic)

Vote & validation Captain and Navigator for the Brussels crew

  • For practical reasons (not enough pirates), it was decided NOT to split the Brussels region de facto crew into municipal crews for now, although this is still the long-term goal ;
  • By unanimity, Claire and Maël were respectively elected captain and navigator of the Brussels crew. However, Claire still needs to confirm she wants to take on this role.

Debriefing/Report about press conferences/coverage

  • May the 9th, Press Conference in Namur, on a boat
  • Interviews for
    • TV :Canal C, RTBF, TV Brussels
    • radio : FM Brussels, Radio Panik
    • written press : Belga, Le Soir, Vers l’Avenir
  • The first press confernec took place in Malines at the initiative of the P.P. Antwerpen and was about a presentation of the flemish P.P.
  • In this one, we’ve spoken about strategy (program — « Just do it » —; lists; the idea that anyone, waloon, flemish or from Brussels should be able to vote for the P.P.)
  • Idea to do another one before the end of June, in Brussels, to give the names of the people that will be on the lists (but - we will have the final list of candidates on the 15th of August, so what do we do ? - logistic ? —where, how, with whom, etc —)

Elections : Progress, organisation and lists

  • It was agreed that the focus point of our campaign should be on improving political transparency and promoting participative democracy ;
  • Although this still needs tbc, we plan to present lists in the following municipalities : Brussels (Line),Ixelles (Jurgen), Schaerbeek (Marouan), St Josse (Clotilde), Nels (Tervuren) ;
  • There are a number of legal obligations to respect to present ourselves to the elections, which can be found on the wiki page for the 2012 elections, and on the official elections website ;
  • On 15/06 will be sent an internal call for candidacy to present a list in a municipality, which will last a month. On 15/07 will start a 2 weeks "objection period" during which any pirate may object to someone representing the Pirate Party at the 2012 elections. These objections will then be discussed until on 15/08 a final decision is taken and we have the final electoral lists of the PPBe ;
  • Clotilde, Adrienne and Jurgen will work on a document to present to elected officials to collect their signatures (until 31/08), which will be presented at the PP work meeting of the 13/06 at the latest ;
  • Some points remain unclear and need to be further discussed : the printing of flyers (who takes care of it? who pays for it? how many?), the collection of signatures (we need to plan events to collect signatures from electors), ... ;
  • For practical organisation purposes, a collaborative timeline was set up by Jurgen, who can be contacted to receive editing rights.

Agenda/planification of activities & tasks for the upcoming weeks/months

  • It was decided to maintain the present frequency of a work meeting every 2 weeks and a pirate beer every other 2 weeks ;
  • The necessity for ad-hoc elections meetings will be evaluated in the following weeks.