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* Pieter: will bring merchandising of Gent
* Pieter: will bring merchandising of Gent
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When: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Present: Jurgen, Line, Pieter, Jonas, Marouane, Monika, Paul, Thomas, Nofel, Xavier, mab, Xavier S.

Organisational discussion

  • The main topic for the meeting is the organisation of General Assembly of PPBe
  • Prior to the agenda discission, a discussion on language during meeting
    • try english
    • otherwise fall back on native

Preparation of General Assembly


  • Proposals:

1) Paul and Marouan's proposal 2) demarkten.be 3) coworking place

  • We have chosen demarkten.be for Sunday 25th of March
  • To confirm the location availability, Line will go in the morning (i.e. Thursday 8th March) :
    • Preferred date: 25th of March, or 1st of April, backup date
    • get invoice on Black Pearl
    • Monika will provide info on info required to put invoice on Black Pearl
    • check if they have wifi
    • We need at least 1 flipchart
    • Check about tables
    • Line will ask and get confirmation on paper
    • We need to know when we can access the location, earliest and latest hour

Time schedule

  • Suggestion of doors opening at 09:00 am
  • start of GA at 10:00 am
  • start with financial stuff which is not to interest to everyone
  • Food question
    • what do we do
    • markten can provide

Agenda for General Assembly

  • mab: what we have right now: three hour meeting
  • we need to send agenda 2 weeks in advance (preliminary)
  • Annotations des présences et validité de l'assemblée
  • Compte rendu des activités du parti pour 2011
  • Compte rendu des comptes / finances du parti pour 2011
    • financial activities report
    • presentation + QA
    • reports done by Monika and Jurgen
    • no time really to send this out in advance, if it turns out it's possible, would be nice to send it out
    • one number that Thomas wants on the table: what is the total income of the year.
  • QA for the party;
    • Jurgen will do answering or relay question
    • add info@pirateparty.be for people to send in questions ahead of time
  • Note: Démission des responsables actuels
  • Elections de nouveaux responsables:
    • elections at the end of the day
    • 3 co-presidents
      • list of candidates:
        • most candidates will be available beforehand on wiki
        • spur of the moment candidates are also allowed
        • should create a wiki page for candidates
        • each candidate have to present on ga, 5 min max. Half hour or more Q and A, let everyone ask questions to any or all candidates
        • acceptance ritual
        • the mail that calls people to the assembly NEEDS TO CONTAIN request for candidacy
  • Two possibilities: five or seven board members. Vote on the approach during the meeting
    • five member system
      • 3 co-presidents
      • treasurer
      • secretary general
    • seven members system
      • 3 co-presidents
      • treasurer
      • secretary general
      • 2 extra people
    • idea of replacements for each post
    • note that the treasurer becomes head of npo
    • make intro for this point
  • Operation mode
  • Explain the current structure, i.e. three pirates rule
    • Jurgen will explain
    • Squads, Crew, CoreTeam
  • F***** manual
    • Paul and Marouane worked on a document: statutes
  • Liquid feedback system presentation. Used for political discussions
    • Jonas will do presentation
    • Sandb backup/help presentation
  • Vote the statutes
    • minimum: containing the clause on liquid feedback and board/presidents
    • full: The F**** manual
    • in any case, from there on, it's on liquid feedback
  • ask anyone to bring in motions, proposals on the manual; to say how long they need; on the mail
  • The F**** needs to be mailed
  • Discussion community elections 2012
    • Intro by Marouan
    • do we talk about this on the meeting
    • someone presents all we know right now about elections community
    • general info’s
    • Thomas will do this for Flanders
  • Squads
    • Web Squad
      • Mike & Line will do this
      • 15 min presentation
    • IT Squad
      • Jonas
      • 15 min presentation
      • itworkgroup@pirateparty.be
      • Thomas wants to take on the coordination tasks.
    • Social media squad
      • Xavier S. will present this
      • 15 minutes presentation
      • twitter, facebook, papers, blogs, etc
    • Welcome squad
      • Paul and Monika will present
      • takes in new people
      • 15 minutes presentation

To Do

  • Final docs need to be put online
  • Translated into Dutch, English
  • Friday finalized 9th F***** manual by Marouan, when ready, put it on wiki
  • David translates into Dutch (Monika will follow up)
  • Pieter will translate into English
  • Monika will coordinate the preparations for to GA
  • Job descriptions
    • first draft on wiki, asap, by Monika
    • they need to be completed, everyone help out!
    • especially the co-president one
  • Application for candidate president
    • Monika has samples from 2010
    • agreed on the form
  • Online docs availability
    • Put up GA page on wiki
    • Candidates can make subpages
    • Marouan will put the F** manual in FR on wiki
  • Note: Wiki and language
    • Wiki language English, if you want, translate to French and Dutch, if you want
  • Letter GA
    • Line will translate to NL for Monika
    • Pieter is backup translator
  • send to all mailing lists
  • we need to ask for confirmation that they will come, will scare them into confirming by saying it's needed.

Practical aspects of GA

  • Language: ask at the beginning of the meeting, suggest to held GA in English only
  • Who votes for the regional presidents: everyone votes for all presidents (not the flemish for the flemish)
  • Voting system: STV - Schultz method - on paper
    • everyone can vote first, second, third, ... (to rank)
    • practically: printing ballots, distribute ballots
    • Thomas is doing the lightning fast generation of a document and then print it for everyone
    • Jurgen will provide Thomas with a template
    • Election commission required: randomly selected 2 people at least
    • GA invitation send out for people who are paying members; captains provide lists of the members of the crew by Tuesday evening next week. 13th. captains communicate with majong@pirateparty.be
  • Streaming, video recording
    • Streaming requires good internet connection, 300kbps, most probably not
  • Rapporteur: Pieter, Paul backup
  • Leading assembly: Jurgen & Monika
  • Line will greet the pirates
  • IT Part; Pieter will ask Mike, Pieter backup
  • Printing before the GA (manual, candidatures): Jeremy via Paul
  • Badges for people: Pin machine by Thomas, we can prepare those beforehand, thomas will disperse the templates for anyone to design
  • sticker badges we have
  • Merchandising: Pieter will bring what gent has
  • Food, drinks: drinks by the markten, at the end; "verre de l'amitie" Line needs to check how we can make this happen


List of responsible people/tasks

  • To do's before assembly
    • Monika: Monika will provide info on info required to put invoice on Black Pearl to Line
    • Monika: First drafts Job Description on wiki, asap, by Monika
    • Line: Line will go in the morning to demarkten, rent room and get confirmation on paper
    • Line: Line will translate Invitation letter dutch
    • Line: Line will check regarding "verre de l'amitié"
    • Jurgen: Jurgen will provide Thomas with a Voting form template
    • Jeremy: Printing before the GA (manual, candidatures): Jeremy via Paul
    • David: David translates statutes into Dutch
    • Pieter: Pieter will translate statutes into English
    • Thomas: will disperse the pin templates for anyone to design
  • To do’s on assembly day
    • Monika & Jurgen: Jurgen and Monika: short financial presentation
    • Monika & Jurgen: Leading assembly: Jurgen & Monika
    • Jurgen: Jurgen Q&A on the party; answer or relay questions
    • Jurgen: operation mode: Jurgen will explain the three pirates rule
    • Monika: welcome squad presentation
    • Jonas: Jonas does presentation on Liquid Feedback
    • Jonas: on IT
    • Marouan & Thomas: Marouan (Intro) and Thomas: presentation on community elections 2012 & 2014 in Flanders
    • Mike & Line: presentation Web Squad
    • Line: Line will greet the pirates at the GA
  • Mike: IT Part; Pieter will ask Mike, Pieter backup
  • Xavier S.: Social media squad presentation
  • Marouan: will create wiki General Assembly page
  • Thomas: is going to take care of the printing of the voting forms
  • Pieter: Rapporteur, Paul backup
  • Pieter: will bring merchandising of Gent