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  1. StopACTA2 Brussels - Say NO to Internet Censorship!
Date Sat 23 March 2019
Time 5:00pm
Place de la Monnaie
1000 Brussels
Price Free
Website [1]
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DISCLAIMER: This event and the organization organizing this event are in no way related to the Belgian Pirate Party. We share this event because we support the event's activities and the ideas it stands for.


Say NO to Internet censorship! Say NO to #ACTA2!

Join the Brussels march and fight together with us for the future of the Internet and for your freedom of speech!

WHEN? March 23rd, 2019, 17:00 PM
WHERE? Place de la Monnaie, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
WHO? #StopACTA2; #Anonymous

The expected consequences of applying the ACTA2 directive:

  • filtering the content before its uploading online (censorship);
  • limiting freedom of speech;
  • limiting the free gathering of information;
  • giving more power to the copyright mafia;
  • monitoring and filtering the online communication on an ongoing basis.

Important hashtags: #StopACTA2 #ACTA2 #SaveYourInternet #SaveTheInternet #Anonymous #OpBrussels #Brussels #Belgium #Belgique #Censuur #Censorship #linktax #article11 #article13 #uploadfilters #EuropeWeHaveAProblem #DeleteArt11 #DeleteArt13 #ACTA

The internet is being destroyed. Here is your wake up call. This might be our last chance to save a free Internet. March 23rd, 2019 we march together. Join us and #stopacta2.

ACTA is back and it is more dangerous than ever. We call it ACTA2 because its main goal is to censor the Internet.

Can you imagine a world in which every word on the Internet is controlled by an AI which will decide if it can be published before you post it?

A world where you can no longer link information just like in the link below? This is not just a bad dream. It's reality and it's going to happen soon in the #EU unless we Stop ACTA2!