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#REDIRECT [[Crew Brussels/Meeting/27 06 2012]]
|meetingname=Work meeting + meet 'n greet German Young Pirates
|address=Rue Royale 236
|venue=Café Bota
|attendees=Alexandre, Mab, Nino, Clotilde, Pascale, Fabrice, Valérie, Frédéric, Hugo, Xavier, Aurore, Jurgen, Paul, Selim
|workgroup=Crew Brussels
==Approval of minutes from [[Brussels Crew - Work meeting 13/06]] ==
==Language issues==
* general agreement that everyone should be able to express himself in his language (ie no systematic translation)
* translation on an ad-hoc basis, whenever someone expresses the need
* there is already a translation squad set up who can help with this
==Campaign-related items==
====Signature hunt====
* we need to step up our collective commitment if we want to reach our goal
* everyone should collect signatures in his/her own environment
* local crews or small groups of people are most welcome to take initiatives
* the IT student organisation is organising a BBQ on Friday, could be a good place to collect signatures (turned out they refused)
====Other campaign items====
* Marouan has flyers in French, will make them publicly available on wiki
* Benoit is working on setting up the website for the Brussels campaign (on which the programme outline will be put)
* the programme outline is currently being drafted by the task force and will be released as a public document
* wider issues around democracy will be discussed in a separate task force
==Discussion about our communication strategy on social networks==
* Pascal is the new coordinator / point of contact in the social media Brussels taskforce
==Election of a treasurer==
* no candidate --> postponed to next meeting
* Nino will choose the bank and set up the account with Nofel
==Coordination and communication of the local squads ==
* every crew should use their ML as the main internal communication tool
* deadline to approve lists internally pushed to mid-august

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