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Automated Human

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(By Jonas)

I will not tackle all world problems at once, I do not claim AI will solve all world problems. But AI is one of the world problems. And I am an expert in AI.

Pirates are perfectly positioned to tackle this specific world problem, since they have a core focus on a lot of sub-issues involved. I can help formulate an informed, global answer to this problem, together with other Pirates. Since there are already a lot of people specialized in sub-issues (basic income, copyright, ...) we could probably formulate the best answer to this problem. I am convinced there is no other group in Belgium with the combined expertise we have here, for this world problem specifically.

I hope other people, with other areas of expertise, will try to formulate answers to other world problems. (like climate change, slavery, or the global financial system) I am however no expert in those areas.


  • Formulate an informed, global answer to this problem
    • in the first place to set up a repository with accessible information on the topic.
    • in the second place, a document with solutions for the government. A programme if you will.
    • in the third place, a website (and/or a video) to distribute the information, explain people what is the problem, and propose our solutions.



  • Jonas DG
  • Christophe C




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