The abolition of all taxes

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The abolition of all taxes Toicon-icon-avocado-build.svg
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Start date Thu 30 May 2019
Status In progress


The pirate party is a modern party so it doesn’t mind learning something from the future. Because in the future, definitely in the far future, all work gets done by robots en machines and then all the governments will have to make money out of nothing without inflation for all the civilians who no longer have to work. And then everyone will realise that all the governments could have made money out of nothing without inflation much earlier for the necessary and useful things in their annual estimates and that by doing so they could have gotten rid of all taxes.


To have governments that abolish all taxes while they always have enough money for the useful and necessary things in their annual estimates. Because now governments don’t have enough money for that and people still have to waist time on their taxes.